COVID PolicyA Rational Approach that Respects our Rights and Freedoms

Pipelines: Allowing our Oil and Gas Industry to Grow

Indigenous Issues: A New Relationship Based on Mutual Respect

Internal Trade: Getting Rid of Interprovincial Trade Barriers

Housing: Cooling Down an Overheated Market

Firearms: Respecting Legal Firearms Owners and Targeting Criminals

Equalization: Fairness For All Provinces

Health Care: Giving Provinces the Incentives to Deal with Wait Times and Rising Costs

Public Finance: Balancing the Budget in a First Mandate Then Cutting Taxes

Global Warming & Environment: Rejecting Alarmism and Focusing on Concrete Improvements

Freedom of Expression: Protecting Canadians from Censorship and Discrimination

Economy: Encouraging Investment and Productivity Growth

Veterans: Standing behind the men and women who sacrificed for our country

Canadian Identity: Ending Official Multiculturalism and Preserving Canadian Values and Culture

Refugees: Ending Open Borders Policies and Prioritizing Persecuted Groups

Immigration: Reducing Overall Levels and Prioritizing Skilled Immigrants

Foreign Policy: Focusing on the Security and Prosperity of Canadians

Supply Management: Making Dairy, Poultry, and Eggs More Affordable

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